Sponsorships for Student Groups

In support of student activities for the enrichment of campus life, SAO administers several university and external funds which provide financial sponsorships to selected student activities. Amenities and equipment are also provided to facilitate the student activities.

Team Assistance Scheme
The Team Assistance Scheme is to subsidize the part-time coaching/instructor fee, competition registration fee and team uniform of team members participating in a recognized competition or performance.

Student Enrichment Activities (SEA) Fund
The Student Enrichment Activities (SEA) Fund administrated by the Committee of Student Affairs of the Senate is set up to promote and support programs and activities that enable students to pursue their learning goals and develop their potentials, as well as encourage students to build a vibrant community within and outside the University.

President’s 1-HKUST Student Life Award
The President’s 1-HKUST Student Life Award (SLA) aims to foster a greater sense of belonging among students by promoting cultural diversity experiences that engage students to collaboratively develop a vibrant community at the University.

Graduate Student Life Fund
The Graduate Student Life Fund aims to engage research postgraduate (RPg) students in the campus community and promote a balanced graduate experience. 

External Awards and Grants for Student Activities
Applications for financial sponsorships are invited from time to time, click here for the list of External Awards and Grants for Student Activities by Application Period.

Amenities and Equipment
SAO provides various amenities and audio-visual equipment to facilitate activities organized by student societies. For details and application forms, contact the LG3 Student Amenities Service Center or call 2358 6666.

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