Team Assistance Scheme

Team Assistance Scheme 2015/2016
Financial assistance may be provided to teams for appointment of a part-time coach/instructor to give team training for a recognized competition/performance, and for competition fee as well as team uniforms of participating team members. Student societies may also apply for financial assistance to organize student activity courses for HKUST students.

Application for assistance can be made anytime throughout the year. A large part of the assistance will be allocated in the main exercise in June 2015. A small portion will be available throughout the year for ad hoc applications on a first-come-first-served basis. Criteria and procedures for administering the assistance are reviewed from time to time.

The team assistance for Sports Teams & Clubs is administered by the Sports & Wellness Team, while the Student Support & Activities Team takes care of team assistance for other student societies of general nature. Please click the links below for details:

Sports Team Assistance Scheme
Please click here for details and application.

General Team Assistance Scheme
Please click here for details and application.

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