Roy To Community Service Award

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2017 Awardee - Mr CHEUNG King Yiu (Interdisciplinary Programs Office)

Mr Cheung is very passionate in serving left-behind students. With the experience gained in the Jiangxi Service Learning Trip in 2014, he served as the student organizing committee with three students to design and lead the service programs in Jan 2015. He also devoted himself as student civic fellow and worked full-time for the Word Vision China to serve the left-behind children in Jiangxi again during the summer break in 2015. He initiated a post-trip project named “Take a Step Further” to mobilized the UST Community, he and his team successfully got the sponsor of $8000 in a four-day fundraising event.


Dr. Robert Wessling, Dean of Student (left) presents the Roy To Community Service Award 2017 to Mr CHEUNG King Yu


2016 Awardee - Miss HEUNG See Wai Kristy (School of Business and Management)

Miss Kristy devoted herself in supporting Project Little Dream, a registered charity in HK that designs, builds and runs schools in Cambodia. Through her team’s project fundraising efforts, 4 schools were funded and successfully built in rural villages of Cambodia. She also supported Tsui Lam Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Service Centre, an organization that provides job opportunities to mentally challenged workers, by making use of her marketing knowledge to help improve the packaging of their charity products for fund raising.


Prof CHEUNG Siu Woo (left) presents the Roy To Community Service Award 2016 to Miss HEUNG See Wai Kristy


2015 Awardee - Miss ASLAM Umme Salma Saghir(School of Science)

Miss Aslam has stong sense of social responsibility to dedicate to the community. She served people in need including minority groups, school attending students, and would like to serve more outside Hong Kong. She had participated in the United Nations, and planned to join in future as a Hong Kong delegate and raise issues related to Hong Kong Society.


Prof Kar Yan TAM (left) presents the Roy To Community Service Award 2015 to Miss ASLAM Umme Salma Saghir


2014 Awardee - Mr YEUNG Rigil Kent (School of Science)

Mr Yeung is passionate, thoughtful with clear direction in continuing his service and contributing the community with his research studies.  In the past seven years, Mr Yeung served as Assistant Scout Leader which he had influenced youngsters with his experience and positive attitude.

Prof Kar Yan TAM (left) presents the Roy To Community Service Award 2014 to Mr YEUNG Rigil Kent


2014 Honorable Mention -
Mr CHOW Kar Shing Karson (School of Engineering)
Mr WONG Kwok Wai Rex (School of Engineering)

Prof Kar Yan TAM (right) presents the Roy To Community Service Award 2014 Honorable Mention to Mr CHOW Kar Shing (middle) and Mr WONG Kwok Wai (left)


2013 - Mr KOW Hong Yee Ryan (School of Engineering)

Ryan initiated and self-organized a service trip to Myanmar which he demonstrated substantial planning, communication and organizational skills. He also serves HKUST community as peer mentor and student ambassador and is ready to serve people wherever he goes and sees.

Prof Wei SHYY (left) presents the Roy To Community Service Award 2013 to Mr KOW Hong Yee Ryan

2012 - Mr. TAN Sze Jye (School of Business and Management)

Sze Jye has spent 4 months in his final year of study serving children in Cambodia. He demonstrated growth, leadership and commitment as he evolved from being a volunteer participant to a service leader who inspired others, modeled the way, and challenged the process.

Prof Kar Yan TAM (left) presents the Roy To Community Service Award 2012 to Mr TAN Sze Jye

2011 - Mr. YU Chung-Sing Gabriel (School of Engineering)

Gabriel has strong enthusiasm for serving homeless children, teenagers and elders. He initiated the Lasting Smile project which aims to capture the lasting smiles of senior citizens in elderly hostels.
Prof Kar Yan TAM (right) presents the Roy To Community Service Award 2011 to Mr YU Chung-Sing Gabriel

2010 - Miss NG Mai Mai Sarah (School of Business & Management)

Sarah has been taking part in social service activities since she was in Secondary One. She was a highly motivated and devoted community service volunteer. She served homeless people in the Sichuan earthquake rehabilitation area, and her most recent volunteer project was building homeless for needy families in Mongolia.
Prof Kar Yan TAM (right) presents the Roy To Community Service Award 2010 to Miss NG Mai Mai

2009 - Mr. HE Yuheng (School of Science)

Yuheng has committed serveral community projects to raise awareness of the community on the need of improvement of social welfare offered to workers in Mainland China. He in addition initiated a social service trip to the Sichuan earthquake area to serve young victims with free teaching.
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