Student Organizations

Active participation in campus life is an important component of university education. You are encouraged to participate in the governance of the University through various means, from serving as members on University Committees to conveying student's opinions and suggestions to staff members in a formal or informal manner.

Students' Union
The Students' Union is a legal body registered with the government and is independent from the University.  All undergraduate and postgraduate students shall be eligible for Full Membership. All members of the University, other than students eligible for Full Membership, shall be eligible for Associate Membership.
Tel: 2335 1732

Student Societies
Students are encouraged to organize student societies and participate in student activities for enjoyment and personal development. There are over 100 student societies affiliated to the Students' Union that meet the diverse interests of students in sports, community service, arts and culture as well as academic affairs.

Postgraduate Student Organizations
Enquiries related to postgraduate students and activities should be directed to the HKUST Students’ Union. At present, HKUST does not have a standalone Postgraduate Association.
Tel: 2335 1732

The contact for matters related to Mainland postgraduate students is the Mainland Students and Scholars Society:

Student Representation on University Committees
Student representatives hold seats on a number of University Committees which play decision-making or advisory roles in the formulation of policies and management matters. There are three major types of committees which include students as members:

(a) The University Senate which is the supreme academic body of the University
(b) Standing Committees of the Senate, including:
Committee on Undergraduate Studies
Committee on Postgraduate Studies
Committee on Teaching and Learning Quality
Committee on Student Affairs
Student Disciplinary Committee
(c) Other management committees, for example:
Student Catering Committee
Catering Advisory Committee
Hall Selection Committee

Some of the student representatives are elected into office while others are selected from the student body. The Students' Union is responsible for the election or nomination of student representatives to most of the committees.

To fulfill the role of committee members, student representatives are encouraged to consult their fellow students for opinion and be prepared to exercise their personal judgment on various issues. For assistance, please contact
Q u i c k   L i n k s

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