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The faculty, staff and students at HKUST actively contribute to building a lively and versatile environment for our students' all-round education. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the activities and programs on campus to enrich their learning and development at HKUST. A summary of those opportunities and resources are highlighted below.

Study Guide
The University provides tailored study guides to UG, RPG and TPG students. The Guides give you an overview of the academic aspects of your studies. HKUST's academic calendar are available in pdf version and importable digital version.

Library is the heart of all learning resources at HKUST. Besides being a home for your individual study, you can also join library classes and activities to enhance your information retrieval skills.

Talks by Intellectual Leaders and Nobel Laureates
Serving as the premier intellectual center in Asia and beyond, the Institute for Advanced Study organizes seminars by renowned scholars and strives to pursue multidisciplinary research in science and innovation in collaboration with scholars in Hong Kong and China.

Language Enrichment
In addition to advancing your English and Chinese communication abilities, the Center for Language Education also offers courses in other languages and organizes out-of-class learning activities to enhance the communication skills of students. Visit the Language Commons to explore the vast repository of resources to improve all aspects of your language learning.

Learning Enhancement
At HKUST, you'll find a wide choice of General Education Courses that enable you to acquire knowledge and skills in subjects other than your main area of studies. Participating in local, national and international projects and competitions is a good way of learning from your peers, improving your self-esteem and polishing your team skills. Learn more about the achievement of our students' and their learning experience.

Sports, Aesthetics & Cultural Activities
Besides studying, watch out for activities in sports, aesthetics and culture organized by over 100 student societies at HKUST. The Center for the Arts and the Undergraduate Core Education also organize programs and activities that aim to enrich the arts and cultural ambience of the University. Remember, the key to be an effective learner is to maintain a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.

International Student Exchange Program
The Exchange Program at HKUST extends to universities in 4 continents with over 130 partner institutions. Over 450 students go out on exchange every year while many international students come to HKUST, providing opportunities for friendships and cultural exchange.

Internship is a great way to acquire workplace skills that enable you to better develop your career plan and shape your career goals. Learn more about internship opportunities at HKUST.

Learning how to effectively manage a student organization helps you develop your leadership and team skills. You can also learn by contributing your knowledge and strengths through participation in community service learning projects as members and leaders.



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