Graduate Student Life Fund

The Graduate Student Life Fund aims to engage research postgraduate (RPg) students in the campus community and promote a balanced graduate experience. Funding has been earmarked to achieve the following objectives:
Promote interaction of RPg students outside the classroom and lab;
Enhance cultural understanding among RPg students from diverse backgrounds;
Encourage interdisciplinary and shared experiences among RPg students; and
Connect RPg students with other members of the campus community.

Subsidies and Other Support
Normally, no less than half of the requested funding support will be provided to successful proposals; and full funding support will be provided to very outstanding proposals.  No subsidies will be given to cover purchase of equipment, overseas traveling, and expenses for student helpers. 

All claims of reimbursement should be submitted to the Secretariat of the Fund for process within 60 days after the activity has been completed. Any expenditure claimed must be fully described, and original receipts must be attached to support each claim item.

The Secretariat of the Fund may assist in publicity of the activity by providing one mass emailing service and free posting on the Student Affairs Office’s Student Activities webpage, if needed.

Students/ student groups and faculty/ departmental units who wish to organize community building activities to achieve any of the objectives listed above are welcomed to submit application. Specific requirements on the proposed activity are shown as below:

Activities must be targeted for RPg students;
Activities  open to all RPg students or a broader target group will be given a higher priority;
Proposals may be for a one-time event, a series of events, or a program of up to 2 years’ duration;
Consideration will be given to proposals of both modest and broad scope;
Retroactive applications will not be considered.

How to apply?
Application is now open for activities scheduled for 2016-17 to encourage advance planning. If you have activities planned for Spring 2017, you are encouraged to submit your application now. Organizers are required to complete the application form with budget information and email to The closing date is 25 October 2016.

Selection of Applications
Applications will be assessed by a selection panel comprised of senior university administrators, faculty members, residence master(s) and RPg student representative(s). Each proposal will be assessed based on the extent to which it identifies and addresses a community need, its feasibility and its potential impact.

Organizers of the activities are required to submit a report within 60 days after the activity has been completed.  An interim progress report may be required for activities that span over 2 regular Terms. Failure to submit the report(s) would result in cessation of committed funding for the activity concerned.

Notification of results
The results will be announced no later than one month after the closing date.

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