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If you believe that the life of a university student goes far beyond studying, then you're in the right place! Here at HKUST, there are treasures of knowledge, friendships, and multi-faceted experiences awaiting you, whether you're a local, mainland or international student. And throughout your journey of exploration, our SAO staff are here to listen, help, inform and serve like any good friend would. Welcome to discover more about our exciting study environment, the friendly and energetic students and the vibrant student life on campus.

Knowing Your Campus
Fronting one of Hong Kong's most pristine stretches of coastline, the HKUST campus is spread over 60 hectares of lush natural scenery on the Clear Water Bay peninsula. The magnificent views provide the perfect setting for a dynamic university community that prides itself on teaching and research excellence. Click here to find out more about our vibrant and internationalized campus.

Learning to Learn
Supported by 400 renowned faculty members and equipped with state-of-the-art learning and research facilities, HKUST provides a boundless platform for you to acquire knowledge, conduct research, identify your strengths and advance your abilities. Click here for more resources for your learning at HKUST.

Building Your Competencies
No matter you're an undergraduate or postgraduate student, there are plenty of opportunities here at HKUST that can help you develop your competencies. These include skills and knowledge that will be useful for the pursuit of your career and life goals. Take a look at these opportunities and find out how they can assist you in your self-betterment journey.

Giving and Serving the Community
At HKUST, we firmly believe universities have a responsibility to serve humanities and build better communities while improving teaching and learning for our faculty and students. Join HKUST Connect to find out how you can become a caring citizen by contributing your knowledge and strengths to serve the needs of the community.

Managing Yourself and Achieving Your Life Goals
To lead a successful career or pursue further studies upon your graduation, you must first learn how to maintain a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. By effectively managing your life, you will be able to demonstrate diligence and discipline, and then go on to pursue your life and career goals in a dynamic and global economy. Our Career Center and the Career Services Team of each School are here to help you plan ahead, shape your dreams, and achieve your goals.


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