Meet Our Student Life Advisors

If you're not sure about where you are, and getting confused about how to make the best of your university education, we're here to listen and provide support. We'll not be able to give you a solution to every problem, but rather, we'll do our best to help you find your own solution and seek the most appropriate way to move forward.

Student Life Advisors Email Telephone
Aesthetics & Culture, SAO

Prof Anna KWONG
Program Director (Center for the Arts) 2358-6146
Career Center, SAO

Miss Grace SIU
Instructor 2358-5847
Community Engagement & Leadership, SAO

Miss Beryl LAM
Manager 2358-8610
Sports & Wellness, SAO

Miss Theresa LEUNG
Associate Director (Student Life) 2358-6690
Mr Ricky YEUNG
Assistant Director (Student Life) 2358-6667
Mr Edward AU-YEUNG
Student Life Officer
(Physical Education) 2358-6679
Student Support & Activities, SAO
Ms Grace LING
Associate Director (Student Life) 2358-6668
Ms Clara MAK
Manager 2358-8442
Mr Raymond TANG
Manager 2358-6658
Miss Rita YAU
Manager 2358-6654
Aesthetics & Culture
G018A, Academic Building (near Lift 6)
Telephone:  (852) 2358-6149
Fax:  (852) 3521-0805

Career Center
Room 4001. 4/F Academic Building (via Lift 4)
Telephone:  (852) 2358-6688
Fax:  (852) 2719-9412

Community Engagement & Leadership
Room 1001, Academic Building (via Lift 4)
Telephone:  (852) 2358-5850
Fax:  (852) 2358-1669

Sports & Wellness
Room 1013, Academic Building (via Lift 3)
Telephone:  (852) 2358-8586
Fax:  (852) 2358-1669

Student Support & Activities
Room 1013, Academic Building (via Lift 3)
Telephone:  (852) 2358-6662
Fax (852) 2358-1669