Student Activities, Awards & Sponsorships

Student Activities
Why get involved when school work is already demanding so much of your time? Because there is much more to university life than just studying! There are friendships to nurture and interests to cultivate. There's also much to learn about creativity, leadership and teamwork-all of which are important to your personal growth and enrichment.

There are a wide variety of programs and activities that you can join to pursue your interests and broaden your horizons. Students are also encouraged to join or even form their own organizations if none of the existing ones are able to serve your needs. Browse through this section to get an idea of what's available. Or you can always come to our office for information and advice.

If you can't find what you like, you can always come up with your own ideas. The exciting possibilities are endless. You are most welcome to talk to our staff in the Student Support & Activities Team!

Mainland and Belt & Road - Exchange and Learning Opportunities
Going Beyond Hong Kong? There are cultural and educational exchange activities organized by Mainland universities that are available to students. These are great opportunities to visit Mainland.

The projects normally last for 5 to 10 days during the winter and summer breaks with wide variety of themes on heritage conservation, environmental protection, aeronautics, enterprise resource planning, etc. Click here to know more.

All costs after landing on the designated Mainland city will be borne by the hosting university supported by the Mainland Ministry of Education. Participating students will be responsible for other expenses including travelling expenses to the designated city, insurance and so on. There is a fund available to support such expenses, click here for details.

Activities Organized by SAO
SAO organizes student development initiatives such as the Redbird Leadership Community and a wide range of activities in sports, health and wellness, aesthetics and culture, career and personal development for students throughout the year. Click here to know more.

Programs, Awards & Sponsorships Administered by SAO
SAO administers a number of programs, awards and sponsorships for student groups as well as individual students to enrich the campus life and exposure of students.

Alumni Endowment Fund Athletic Awards
Alumni Endowment Fund Community Service Awards
Graduate Student Life Fund
Hsin Chong - K.N. Godfrey Yeh Education Fund
Paul and May Chu Sportsman/Sportswoman of the Year Award
President's 1-HKUST Student Life Award

Roy To Community Service Award

Student Enrichment Activities (SEA) Fund
Team Assistance Scheme

Activities Organized by Student Societies
Here at HKUST, there are over 100 student societies affiliated to the Students' Union that meet the diverse interests of students in sports, community service, arts and culture as well as academic affairs. For more information, please look up the website of HKUST Students' Union.

Student societies/groups are encouraged to contact SAO for advice on matters related to the use of name and logo of the University, program planning, fundraising, subsidies, commerical sponsorship, use of facilities, display of posters, recruitment of members, etc.

Student Support & Activities Team
Tel: 2358-6662

For those related to sports, please contact:
Sports and Wellness Team
Tel; 2358-6683

Sponsored Student Projects
Individual students and informal student groups may apply to be Sponsored Student Projects for access to campus resources in organizing student activities.
Guidelines of Sponsored Student Projects
Registration Form [pdf format] [word format]
List of Sponsored Student Projects
  >> Current Projects
  >> Completed Projects

Other Activity News
Apart from activities organized or administered by SAO and student societies, you can also gain exposure by getting involved in activities organized by external organizations. Click here to see what is in store for you.

Organizing Student Activities
Student Leaders Program
Guidelines for Organizing Student Activities
Campus Facilities
  The following offices have various facilities for student activities
  - Student Affairs Office (SAO)
  - Facilities Management Office (FMO)
    Endorsement by SAO is required for new events which book more than 1 counter space. Please click here for more information
  - Academic Records and Registration, Academic Registry (ARR)
  - Campus Service Office (CSO)

Group Personal Accident Insurance
The University has a group personal accident insurance policy for all students participating in university or student activities. Please click here for details.

Contact Us
If you have any questions about student activities, please contact the Student Support & Activities Team at

Q u i c k   L i n k s
  Guidelines for Organizing Student Activities
  Briefing Session for Newly Elected Excos
  Orientation Activities Toolkit for Student Organizers
  Guideline for Use of Public Areas on HKUST Campus by Students
  Guideline for Use of "Free Zone for Student Promotional Activities" on LG5 Open Area
  Guidelines for O'Camp Organizers
  Centralized Booking of AGM venues
  University Policy on Sexual Harassment
  Workshops to Leaders of Student Groups