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Mr CHAN Long Hung (
School of Business and Management)
Mr Chan established a voluntary service team called “NINETEEN” to assist children who are living below the poverty line and suffering from Attention- Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHA). He and his team provided development workshops and training to help ADHD children to find their dreams and interest, as well as enhance children’s self-esteem.  

Miss FUNG Tsz Yan Amanda (School of Humanities and Social Science)
Miss Fung was an executive member of University YMCA, as well as taskforce member and school speaker of UNICEF. She not only organized training camp and training workshops for students and assisted them in clubs operation, but also shared global issue on child right, topics such as “child trafficking”, “Natural  Disaster” and “Children education in China and War”.

Miss LEE Tsz Yan (School of Humanities and Social Science)
Miss Lee has been joining AIESEC since 2015, she was recently promoted to National President of AIESEC and took a gap year to move to Mongolia. Together with her multi-national team, they delivered many impactful community development program, such as Spark Up Conference 2015, in which, they inspired nearly 200 university freshmen in making meaningful changes to their country.

Miss LEUNG Ka Yan (School of Business and Management)
Miss Leung started by volunteering in the Jiangxi Service Learning Trip in 2014 to support left-behind children living in rural area of China. After returning from the trip, she became one of the organizing committing members and form a group named “Take a Step Further” with her fellow students in the following year. One of their fundraising projects was to recruit volunteer students to knit scarves and sending back to Jiangxi.      

Miss TAM Hiu Yu Christy (School of Business and Management)
Miss Tam was a co-founded of the Campus Chapter for Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong, she worked with a team of four to organize a series of activities to raise youth’s awareness of poverty housing issues and mobilize students to participant in Project Home Works to provide free home repair services for the elderly. She was also a Connect Ambassador for Community Engagement (Connect ACE), she worked with a team of two to imitate a project named “Kids. Bids. Trips” to train the children to be a “little tour guide” of their parents.


Mr Desmond SAM (middle) presents the Alumni Endowment Fund Service Awards to the recipients.


Miss LAW Ho Ching (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Miss Law and her teammates initiated a project named Chinese Fun for Everyone under Connect ACE (Ambassador for Community Engagement) in 2014, and re-run in January 2016. It has served around 50 primary school students in Hong Kong. They used games and interactive means to assist ethnic minority children in learning Chinese.

Miss CHUNG Oi Yee (School of Business and Management)
Miss Chung began her journey to serve Jiangxi children in 2014. She and her fellow students formed a group named "Take a Step Further" which organized several projects to address the needs of Jiangxi children. One of their projects was to recruit volunteer students to knit a scarf and write a card for Jiangxi children, to bring to them a warmer winter.

Miss CHU Yuen Tim (School of Science)
Miss Chu has been serving in the Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade since 2007. She has taken up a leading role in the Brigade during the years. In 2016, she organized the Hong Kong International Cadet Camp and led the cadets from overseas to serve the elderly. She was the chair of the organizing committee of Hong Kong Association for Specific Learning Disabilities to provide support for students with dyslexia.

Mr LAI Kam Chiu (School of Business and Management)
Mr Chiu has started his volunteer service since secondary school. He was the chairperson of YWCA King's College Elder Academy and King's College Volunteer Services Team which served elderly and schoolmates. He joined the Harvard University Model United Nations in Beijing with over 1500 delegates from around the world.

Mr CHEN Peiwei (School of Science)
Mr Chen has a strong sense of civic responsibility and actively participated in many service projects. He participated in service learning trips to Sichuan, Cambodia and was one of the Organizing Committee. During his exchange at the United States, he registered as regular volunteer to serve at St Mary Hospital and Henry Vilas Zoo.

awardees photo

Mr Desmond SAM (middle) presents the Alumni Endowment Fund Service Awards to the recipients.


Miss LIM Kwan Wing Sophia (School of Engineering)

Miss Lim served young people, orphans, homeless people and animals in Mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas.  She believes that she could make an impact to the world by serving and influencing others.  Apart from being participant, she had led fellowships, planned service trips and organized schedules for service trip.

Mr NG San Lun (School of Science)
Mr Ng spent three months in an orphanage in Cambodia. He is able to influence others with his positive attitude. During this service, he connected with the children and build up friendship, and it is in his plan to keep in touch with the service recipients. Besides, he is involved in a project to transform villages in Fujian in order to improve the living standard and economic situation there.

Miss PAN Wenang(School of Business and Management)
Miss Pan is enthusiatic. She devoted herself in joining services organized by HKUST Connect. She is planning to start a project to teach the children in Xinjiang.

Mr TAM Kin Lok (School of Business and Management)
Mr Tam has a sound track record in serving the community. Besides, he organized a service trip to Guizhou with limited manpower. His future plan is to set up a center so that youngsters could share a working space, and they could get involved in social issues.

Mr WONG Shun Kit (School of Science)
Mr Wong was UNICEF Young Envoys and being recognized as Hong Kong Outstanding Teens in 2012 by the Outstanding Young Persons’ Association. He spent summers in voluntary services, in Hong Kong and Mainland China. It is also his plan to support the preschool education system in remote areas in the Mainland, advocating effective communication among individuals and family members, which helps to create a harmonious society.

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Mr Desmond SAM (left) presents the Alumni Endowment Fund Service Awards to the recipients.


Miss KONG Wing Man Samantha (School of Engineering)

Samantha has been serving the community for a span. She has outstanding leadership and communication skills, especially in initiating and organizing the elderly simulation program. She aims to raise the general awareness of the needs of elderly and help the society to solve the aging and generation gap problem.

Miss FONG Yee Yan Jacqueline (School of Business and Management)
Jacqueline has proven effort in serving the needy and underprivileged children. She is passionate in serving the community through different means and platforms as well as her plan in partnering with Fu Hong Society for launching a project aiming at benefiting the community in a longer term.

Miss LI Dongshunyi Dora (School of Science)
Inspired by her service experience, Dora initiated and organized a book donation and teaching service in Tibet. She demonstrated good communication and organizational skills in planning for the book donation. She enjoys sharing her experience with fellow students and is planning to continue the book donation to help the children in Tibet.

awardees photo

Mr Desmond SAM (left) presents the Alumni Endowment Fund Service Award 2013 to Miss Dora LI (middle) and Miss Jacqueline FONG (right).

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