Charges and Payment

Charges for different accommodation vary. The latest information for the University Apartment is included below. Information on charges for other accommodation, such as the Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Hall or off-campus apartments  in Tai Po Tsai and Sam Long, will be provided through Schools and Program Office accordingly.

The accommodation charges of the University Apartments for the Residential Year 2014/2015 will be increased by 5% and utility charges by 2%. Subject to confirmation, the charges are as follows:

Types of Room

Accommodation Charges (HK$)

Utilities (HK$)

Single room, 4-person apartment



     Fall Term only



     Spring Term only



Single room, 6-person apartment



     Fall Term only



     Spring Term only



Double room, 6-person apartment



     Fall Term only



     Spring Term only





     Fall Term:

15 August 2014 - 13 January 2015


     Spring Term:

16 January 2015 - 30 June 2015


In view of heavy demand, only full-time fee paying registered students are eligible to stay in student accommodation provided by the University on a yearly basis (residential year). Short term stay cannot be arranged. Students who accept the housing offers in are committed to pay the hall charges for full residential year (15 August 2014 – 30 June 2015) irrespective of their actual days of stay. Early termination would be considered case by case and on a term-basis. Students who wish to stay during the summer break in 2015 should submit a separate application in March 2015. Details will be announced nearer the time.

Payment Method

* For postgraduate studentship (PGS) recipients:   The charges will be deducted directly from your studentship upon student’s acceptance to an housing offer. Student will be prompted to authorize the direct transfer on the UA Room Offer Online Acceptance Form.

* For other residents who are not PGS recipients: 
The charges are to be paid by installments and in advance of each term. Students should login to the on-line payment system to view their hall charges records and settle the payment by the stated due date. Failure to settle payment by the stipulated deadline will result in cancellation of the housing offer without further notification.

For your ease of reference, below are the accommodation and utility charges on a monthly basis:

4-person Apartment      HK$2,980 + HK$310 for single room
6-person Apartment      HK$2,630 + HK$285 for single room   OR   HK$1,630 + HK$240 for double room

Please refer to the website of the Finance Office ( for payment method.


Note: Charges are subject to further adjustment and confirmation.