Types of Accommodation

On-campus Accommodation
The on-campus residential halls provide a total of:

2,976 places in double or triple rooms for UG students in UG Halls I to VI and 1056 places in single or double rooms for UG students in Chan Sui Kau and Chan Lam Moon Chun Hall (UG Hall VII), UG Hall VIII and UG Hall IX.

120 places in single rooms for MBA students and Visiting Interns.

900 places in single or double rooms for Research Postgraduate Students (RPgs)

For accommodation of Halls
UG students only UG Halls I, II, III, IV, V, VI, CSK Hall (UG Hall VII), VIII and IX
MBA and Visiting Interns SKCC Hall
RPgs only University Apartments

Off-campus Accommodation
12 apartments in Tai Po Tsai (Wan's Lodge) and 6 apartments in Sam Long (SL Apartments) are rented by the University to accommodate 108 Taught Postgradute Students.

Q u i c k   L i n k s
UG Hall I
UG Hall II
UG Hall IV
UG Hall V
UG Hall VI
UG Hall IX
University Apartments
Wan's Lodge at Tai Po Tsai
SL Apartments