Programs and Services

The Student Affairs Office encourages and supports our students' pursuits for academic excellence and competencies development in their university education. We provide services and programs to individual students in all aspects of their student life, and work closely with student groups in enriching the campus life for students.

Caring for Students
The mission of SAO is to enhance the quality of student life and student learning outcomes by making the best use of people, resources and networks for empowering students to excel in a multicultural, diverse and global environment.

Our teams in Student Support & Activities, Co-curricular Programs Team, Global Student Office, Career Center, Scholarships & Financial Aid Office, Student Housing Office, and Recreational Facilities Development & Amenities actively work on this mission in collaboration with other university departments and student groups. In caring for students, we offer a wide spectrum of services and programs spanning across financial assistance, disability support, counseling, personal and career development, hall and amenities, student activities, arts and sports. We place special emphasis on the following:

Competencies Development
SAO promotes student success and learning through the intellectual, moral, physical, psychological, career, social, cultural, aesthetic and spiritual development of students. In our Redbird Leadership Community, Healthy Lifestyle Course and Student Leaders Program, we support and motivate students to acquire and develop the essential skills and characteristics for living, learning and working successfully in the society.

Cross-cultural Experiences
SAO strives to foster interaction among students, staff and external bodies from different nations through its support for programs in the arts, sports, health and community service learning. The cross-cultural experiences that students have gained through these programs will enhance their multicultural awareness and enhance their adaptive abilities in the global community. Further, we strive to educate students on social responsibility and global citizenship, encouraging them to "think globally, act locally".

Residential Life
SAO believes that residential life is an integral part of university education through which students learn to work, play, live and grow as caring, responsible and respectable citizens. In particular, first year students will have the opportunity to live on campus and get acquainted with the university environment and the supporting resources for their transition to undergraduate education. Through participation in hall life programs and living-learning communities, students will learn to integrate their diverse residential living experience with their social, intellectual and cultural pursuits.

A total of 3,282 residential places are provided to undergraduate students in seven halls. More than 80% of the rooms are shared by two students, while the rest by three and a few by one student. Postgraduate students live in University Apartments which accommodate 858 students. Each apartment has 4 bedrooms for single or double occupancy. There is a postgraduate hall which has 120 single rooms.

Supporting Student Groups
Campus life is an important part of university education. SAO believes that students' active participation in campus life will broaden their interests as well as develop their potential as leaders. Student societies are the key players and our close partners in promoting and enriching campus life. We appreciate and support their magnificent job in organizing a multitude of student activities on campus. We strongly believe that student leaders can learn as much as they contribute when leading and serving in these activities.

SAO offers activity subsidies to student groups and teams in support of their organization of and/or participation in extra-curricular activities and competitions. Staff members of SAO work closely with student societies and offer advice as well as assistance when necessary. Students are encouraged to strike a fine balance between studies and activities in their pursuit of a meaningful and fulfilling university life.

Recreational Facilities and Student Amenities
The University has a good provision of sports facilities. Indoor facilities are fully air-conditioned. A large multi-purpose sports hall with 1,600 square meters of floor space is designed for activities such as badminton, basketball, volleyball, handball and indoor soccer, with other areas set aside for squash, table-tennis, fencing, dance, indoor archery, martial arts, weight training and fitness exercises. Outdoor facilities include an artificial turf soccer pitch, a 400-meter track with 8 lanes, a hard-surface mini-soccer pitch, outdoor basketball courts and tennis courts. A 50-meter outdoor pool and a 25-meter indoor pool are available for swimming and other aquatic activities throughout the year. Facilities are also available for throwing activities such as discus, javelin and shot-putt, softball and archery.

The campus, on a site of great beauty enhanced by landscaping, terraces, and pavilions, has been designed with great emphasis on the quality of life of both resident and non-resident students. Amenities for personal as well as organized student activities are provided. These include facilities for (i) the pursuit of hobbies such as photographic dark rooms and music rooms (ii) the organization of activities such as a conference room, meeting rooms and office space, and (iii) leisure activities for students such as a games room, common rooms and quiet rooms.

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