Booking Procedures

For Individual Recreation
  Advance and On-the-day Booking
  Booking must be made online at
  Booking will be accepted at or after 8:00 am one week (seven calendar days) before the date of booking.
  For any one type of facility, a user can only make one booking per day unless otherwise specified.
  Family members of HKUST staff have to be activated through the system by the staff before they can make a booking online.
  Sports Facilities User Card holders have to be registered through the system before they can make a booking online. The registration may take ten working days to complete.
  First time user are encouraged to read the FAQ or User Guide on the menu bar before they make a booking.
  On-the-spot Booking in Artificial-turf Soccer Pitch
  On-the-spot booking for use of the facility for rugby, ultimate games and softball (throwing practice in the middle of the field) are allowed.
For Organized Competitions
  Bookings for competitions must be made at least one month in advance. A prepared fixture and equipment list must be submitted together with the application in a prescribed form. Sample application can be obtained at the Amenities Service Counter.
Use of Weight Training Equipment in the Fitness Center
  For safety reasons, only qualified users may use the weight training equipment in the Fitness Center.
  Qualified users are those who have attended the Video Viewing Session offered by the Student Affairs Office or a similar training course elsewhere. For the latter case, production of evidence may be required.
  Courses and activities organized by the Student Affairs Office will have priority in using the various sports facilities.
  Facilities not taken up 10 minutes after scheduled time will be allocated to other users.
  Information related to types of booking not listed above are available at the Amenities Service Counter and the Student Affairs Office.