Effective Use of Sports Facilities

There have been concerns over ineffective use of the sports facilities caused by no-show behavior of users. "No-show" means users who make reservation but do not take up the venues subsequently. This is not only an abuse to the booking system but also unfair to other users.
To make better use of the facilities, the Committee on Student Affairs has reviewed the eligibility and priority in use of sports facilities. Situations such as the growing demand for sports facilities due to 334 additional cohort and increasing number of sports clubs and teams, the competing needs from course teaching and non-sports activities, and the overall provision of sports facilities were noted and discussed. In order to cope with the situation, the Committee agreed to encourage responsible use of facilities as the first step and that penalties for no-show should be introduced.
The penalty system will be implemented in the spring semester 2011 (effective date: 14 Feb 2011). Details as follows:
  - suspension of booking right for two weeks for every no-show
  - booking right at the FBS will be blocked starting from the second working day after the no-show
  - cancellation of practice sessions in the following two weeks upon two no-shows
  - booking chart will be updated subsequently
  - cancellation of subsequent bookings for the same event
  - booking chart will be updated subsequently
Users are requested to make a booking only if they are certain that they will be available. They may cancel their bookings anytime in advance (must before the booking slot). There will not be penalty for cancellation of booking. Cancellation may take one of the following ways:
1. cancellation by logging into the Facilities Booking System (DO NOT send an email to "safbs@ust.hk" to cancel a booking)
2. cancellation in person at the Amenities Service Counter on LG3
ENQUIRIES - contact Dr. Paul Yeung (saywc@ust.hk or 2358-6665) or staff on duty at 2358-6666.
Thank you for helping with better use of the resources!
Dr Paul Yeung
Student Affairs Office
1 July 2017


為了善用這些設施,學生事務委員會按體育設施的供應情況,檢討了訂場者資格及使用體育設施的優先次序。隨著 334 新學制的來臨,體育設施需求不斷增長,例如體育團體及隊伍數目增加,課程和非體育活動亦有所加強。有見及此,委員會同意須鼓勵使用者負責任地使用場地外,同時亦推出「棄場」罰則。
罰則將在 2011 年春季學期實施(生效日期:2011 年 2 月 14 日)。詳情如下:
1. 個人用戶
  - 每次棄場後個人用戶的網上訂場將暫停兩個星期
  - 網上訂場系統的個人戶口將會在棄場之後的第二個工作日被凍結
2. 校隊/屬會
  - 在兩次棄場後,隨後兩個星期的練習場地將被取消
  - 訂場表將會被更新
3. 活動主辦者
  - 如有棄場情況出現,同一活動中的已預訂場地將被取消
  - 訂場表將會被更新
1. 網上設施訂場系統內取消預訂(切勿發送電子郵件到「safbs@ust.hk」取消預訂)
2. 親臨 LG3 的設施服務櫃檯
查詢 - 聯絡楊華照博士(saywc@ust.hk 或 2358-6665)或當值職員(2358-6666)。
2017 年 7 月 1 日