Student Lockers
1.   Eligibility for Student Lockers
  All registered full-time or part-time undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as exchange-in students are eligible to apply for ONE student locker.  The locker size is 300 mm (w) x 612 mm (h) x 450 mm (d).
2. Application
a) On-line application will start from 1 August 2017.
b) Applicant must be a registered student at the time of application.
  - New students need to complete their student registration before applying for a student locker.
3. Locker Rental Period
a) Undergraduate and Postgraduate students: from 1 Sept or thereafter till 30 June of the following year.
b) Exchange students: for the exchange period at the university.
  For 2017-18, all student locker rentals will EXPIRE on 30 June 2018.  You must CLEAR your locker on or before the expiry date.  After this date, a charge of $80 would be levied.  Student Affairs Office will have full discretion to dispose all items left in the lockers, or take any items for recycle sale and use the sale proceeds on equipment for student activities.
  A locker rental will be terminated if the locker user is no longer a registered student of the University, or if any misuse of the locker is found.
4. Locker Fee
The fee should be paid on-line during application. Locker fee paid is non-refundable.
a) Undergraduate students: HK$50/rental period
b) Postgraduate students: HK$150/rental period
c) Exchange-in students: HK$50/rental period
5. Choosing Your Locker
  Lockers are randomly allocated starting from Zone 1C. To choose your locker:
a) Check the Locker Location Plan and keep a record of the locker numbers that suit your need.
b) Enter the on-line application system to check the locker number being assigned.
c) If it suits your choice, proceed with on-line application. Otherwise, you may quit and log in again later.
6. Application Procedure
  Except for exchange students, applications are accepted online.  Students are strongly advised to read the FAQs, Rules and Regulations for details before applying.  Please read the FAQs, Rules and Regulations for details before applying.
a) All Eligible Students except Exchange Students:
  Applications are accepted online: via the “Current Students” in HKUST website, under "myPortal".
  Payment should be made on-line by using HKUST student cards or any credit card.  Locker fee paid is non-refundable.
  Print out the Locker Confirmation after checking your name on the confirmation.
  Close all browsers and leave the Student Intranet after completing your application.
b) Exchange Students
  Please apply and pay in person at LG3 Amenities Service Counter.
7. Activation
  To activate your locker, please bring along a high quality steel padlock with closed shackle; or a padlock with a short stem and a base of 35-40 mm wide and a recommended brand: ASSA, ABLOY, TRI- CIRCLE, YALE, BELLHORN and the printed confirmation to LG3 Amenities Service Counter as soon as possible.
  Please note that only high quality steel-padlocks with closed shackle are approved for use on the student lockers. Other padlocks will not be accepted.
If you have any queries, please contact us at 2358 5819 or
Locker Location
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Enquiry: Amenities Service Counter, LG3
Tel: 2358-5819