Facilities Booking System (FBS)

Advance bookings for individual recreation must be made online at the Facilities Booking System (FBS). Online current day bookings should also be made at FBS before the timeslot.

The system opens daily for 7-day advance bookings at 8:00 a.m. and closes at 12 midnight. This online booking service is open to all Full-time and Part-time students, staff and family members and Sports Facilities User Card holders.

Facilities not taken up 10 minutes after scheduled time will be allocated to other users on a first-come-first-served basis.

First-time users are advised to read the FAQs before using the booking system.

For access to the booking system:
Students and staff members should use their university network account as login name.
Eligible family members of staff require a first-time activation by respective staff members through the system online before access to this system is enabled.
Sports Facilities User Card holders (including HKUST alumni), and long-service retirees / leavers, should also submit a first-time registration through the system online before access to this system is enabled.

Booking For Organized Competitions by Student Societies or Staff Association:
Obtain an application form from the Amenities Service Counter at LG3. Complete the form and return it together with a list of equipment needed for the competition at least one month in advance.

Booking of Sports Facilities for Organized Activities by Groups

Enquiry: Amenities Service Counter, LG3 safbs@ust.hk 2358-6666