Student Amenities

The University provides the following student amenities to enhance the quality of student life on campus. Some facilities are available for staff booking as specified.

Conference, Meeting and Activity Rooms
  Conference Room on LG5
  Meeting Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 on LG5
  Meeting Room 6 on 1/F, Jockey Club Tower at UG Hall VI (with mirrors)
  Activity Room on LG5
Common Rooms
  Common Room 1 & 2 on LG4 (with sound system)
  Common Room 3 on LG4 (with mini-stage, sound system, coffee tables and chairs)
  Common Room 4 on G/F UG Hall II
  Common Room 5 & 6 on 1/F, Jockey Club Tower at UG Hall VI
  Common Room 7 on LG5
  Recreation Room on LG4 (with TV, Billiard Table and Reading Corner)
Multi-function Room
  Located at LG5 with mirrors
Creativity Room
  Located at LG5
  Located at LG5; user registration required
  Located at LG5
Reflection Room
  Located at LG5; user registration required
Karaoke/Music Rooms (staff booking: walk-in booking only)
  Located at LG4
  Music Room 1 (with karaoke, keyboard)
  Music Room 2 (with karaoke, piano, guzheng*, yangqin*)
    * User registration required
  Piano Rooms
  Band Room (with drums and keyboard; user registration required)
Store Rooms
  Storage compartments located at LG5 for student societies
Automatic Photo Booths(自助照相亭)
  located at LG3
LG5 Promotion Booths
  on LG5 for promotion of student events and activities
BBQ Stoves (staff booking: via Facilities Booking System (FBS))
  BBQ site at the beach

Most of the facilities are available for booking by individual students on a first-come-first-served basis through the Facilities Booking System (FBS). For advance booking by student societies, please complete and submit the relevant application form and activity proposal to LG3 Amenities Service Counter.

For information on the booking arrangements of the student amenities located at LG4, LG5 and the Seafront, please click here.

Space is also provided as offices and work areas of student societies. Any student society that has been established or is in the process of being established may apply to the Amenities Service Counter, LG3 (via lift 3 or 6) for a mail box located outside the Students' Union Service Counter, LG5.  Societies affiliated with the SU can apply for a lockable cabinet subject to availability.

Download application forms here:
Student Amenities Room Booking Form
Creativity Room Booking Form
Reflection Room User Registration Form
Loan of Equipment Application/Record Form
Mobile Stage Undertaking Form
Application for Use of Communal Areas
Request for Temporary Power Supply
Application for Exclusive Use of BBQ Facilities
LG5 Promotion Counter Booking Form
Band Room User Card Application Form
Dark Room User Card Application Form
Yangqin/Guzheng User Card Application Form

Enquiry: Amenities Service Counter, LG3 2358-5819

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