About Us

Physical health is part and parcel of our total well-being. The right dose of exercise and recreational activities will not only provide balance to your university life, but also help promote social bonding with other members of the university community. Helping you develop a healthy lifestyle is part of our job, and we have plenty of sports and recreational facilities that serve the purpose.

Please click for the Campus Sports & Recreation Facilities Map.

We provide the following facilities for students' use:
1. Conference room, meeting rooms, workshop and office space for student activities and events;
2. Common rooms for leisure activities;
3. Photography darkrooms and music rooms etc. for recreational purposes.

Enquiry:   rfda@ust.hk    2358-6666

Amenities Service Counter
LG3, Indoor Sports Complex (via Lift 6)
Telephone:  (852) 2358-6666
Email: rfda@ust.hk
Opening Hours:
Daily 7:00am - 10:30pm