Caring Communities
Inclusiveness, diversity, and respect are the core values in HKUST that shape our distinctive culture. In an effort to bring people from different backgrounds closer for fostering an inclusive environment, these student leaders took up different initiatives with one simple common goal - Connecting People. Let’s take a look at how they connect us together.
Humans of HKUST
Inspired by Humans of New York, Humans of HKUST [Project Leader: Pranav Raj Daryanani (Management, UG, Year 3)] is a student-driven project set up in 2014 conducting far-reaching interviews with various members of the UST family, featuring personal anecdotes, thought-provoking views, and insightful stories. The project aims to explore the culture, background, and personal experiences of those who call UST their home, and these experiences are then shared through Facebook page and compiled into an annual book of stories.

Be Our Guest Program
Be Our Guest Program [Founder: Jason Yuen (Operation Management, UG, Year 4)] aims to facilitate authentic and in-depth cultural exchange experience for students in HKUST through a form of family and local dining initiatives. It was founded in 2015 and lasted consecutively for 2 years. The founder believes that exchange-in students have a strong need and desire to understand a city with its authentic culture and lifestyle. And these people deserve a better cultural experience offered from school or even from the society. And their ultimate vision is to create a universal culture for every community that the locals can proactively host non-locals, whether they are students or visitors, with an authentic and in-depth cultural experience.

Jason started the “Be Our Guest Program” when he was in year 2. At that time, there was similar cultural exchange program offered by the school office such as “Exchange Buddy Program”. And he joined the Program for 3 years consecutively and he met exchange students from Germany, Singapore and America. However, from their perspective, they would like to have more authentic and in-depth cultural experience on the campus or even in Hong Kong.  

“So what is better than letting the exchange students actually get into a local family to experience?” said by Jason Yuen. As a result, he launched the program with the vision of providing an authentic cultural experience targeting the non-local students, particularly the exchange students while family home food is used as the main theme as he believes that it is a common interest and topic for everyone!
Hall Language Buddy Program
Hall Language Buddy Program [Core member: Khang Sek Lee / Helen Liao (SENG, UG, Year 1 / Global China Studies, UG, Year 1)] is a program launched by Student Housing and Residential Life Office (SHRL) to enhance the language and cultural exchange among residents from different parts of the world. It aims to provide a platform for the newly-admitted international undergraduates and incoming exchange residents to adapt to the brand-new environment in the Hall and HKUST.

“It was indeed a fruitful experience which will nurture ourselves into a better leader by working with a bunch of crazy peers that will go up and down with us. We are coming back stronger soon and will rock it again!” Khang Sek
If you wish to know more about these projects, please visit Campus Up website.