Healthy Living Festival 2015-2016 (Spring Term)

Stay Positive, Stay Happy

Registration for students: NOW until two days prior to event date
Prior registration is not required for staff
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14 Apr 2016 (Thu)


(Be your own designer)

19 Apr 2016 (Tue)

Dr Jamie Chiu
(Clinical Psychologist)

Why you don't feel like you are good enough and what to do about it
20 Apr 2016 (Wed)

Prof. Chow King Lau
(Division of Life Science, HKUST)

A rough journey toward happiness – to reach the point of no return

25 Apr 2016 (Mon)


(Achieving happy relationship)
27 Apr 2016 (Wed)

Social Worker
(United Center of Emotional Health & Positive Living)

The Pursuit of Happiness
– a Story of a Person with Vision Impairment
29 Apr 2016 (Fri)


(Time with Ellen Loo)
Date Speaker Event Name

11 Apr 2016 (Mon)
15 Apr 2016 (Fri)
21 Apr 2016 (Thu)

Student Counselors

An hour to relax – relaxation skills training workshop


Flourish Positivity

Blessing Heart Exhibition
  Free Planting   Blessing Heart

# HLTH1010 Course students will attain 1 hours in "Wellness and Personal Enrichment Events" of the "Activities" module upon completion of the workshop. Repeated participation in workshop of the same topic is NOT encouraged and course hour will not be counted for repeated participation.
* HLTH1010 Course students will attain 1.5 hours in "Wellness and Personal Enrichment Events" of the "Activities" module upon completion of the event.

Participants MUST bring along the student ID card when attending the event and take BOTH entry and exit attendance to record your participation. To avoid interruption and hindering the progress of the talk, please arrive the venue 10 minutes before the session starting time. The Speaker may turn away students who are late for more than 5 minutes.