Peer Counselors

Peer Counselor Training Program 2017 - 2018

Peer Counselor Training Program aims at equipping a group of dedicated and respectful students to reach out to their peers who are in need of support, encouragement, companionship and resource information on campus. Peer Counseling can be a very rewarding and gratifying experience by exploring valuable helping skills and acquiring elementary mental health knowledge. You may learn how to observe others while listening actively, communicating empathetically and responding non-judgmentally. You may also appreciate emotions as a universal language and trusting relationships as a human need ……

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1. Training Modules (Click here to know more)

Through training, Peer Counselors enhance not only their basic helping skills but also their mental health knowledge, as well as emotional management skills and interpersonal relationship. At least 15 hours of training can be attained from the Training Module including:
• Team Building Training Camp
• Peer Helping & Counseling Skills Training Workshop
• Psychological Assessment
• Mental Health Knowledge Enhancement

2. Caring Projects (Click here to know more)

Peer Counselors in groups are expected to initiate a Caring Project aiming to apply what they have learned to university-life scenarios and to promote a caring culture on HKUST campus. The project can be in various forms as decided by the group and with the following targets:
• Whole Student Community
• Freshmen
• Hall Residents
• UG or PG Students
• Exchange Students

3. Supporting Services

Peer Counselors can support our students on campus, including:
• Tutoring Support
• "Heart to Heart" Outreach
• Event Helper

• Skill Practice Lab
• Team-building Activities
• Exam Support Events


4. Peer Counselor Recognition Ceremony (Click here for more photos)

In order to recognize and reward Peer Counselors' contributions and kindness in making an effort to care for and support peers, a Recognition Ceremony is held in each academic year.  Peer Counselors who have completed the Program successfully are awarded with certificate of completion in the ceremony.  Moreover, this event also serves as an occasion to extend our warmest welcome to the newly recruited Peer Counselors for the new academic year.

Sharing from Peer Counselors (Click here to view):

If you have a compassionate heart that you can offer to those in need, come and join us and be a part of this caring community in HKUST. Every year, we will recruit new batch of Peer Counselors. Join the Peer Counselor team at our next recruitment in Sep 2017!