Peer Counselors - Training Modules

Peer Counselor Team Building Training Camp (Please click here for photos viewing)

Orientation and Team building camp - "Your Journey to Self Discovery". This is a time for PCs to make new friends, sharing new experiences and enriching personal growth. It has been an exciting experience to all of us!

Peer Helping and Counseling Skills Training Workshop (Please click here for photos viewing)

All Peer Counselors will attend a whole day workshop to learn more about basic helping and counseling skills through site visit and group discussion. They will also have opportunity to practice the skills of showing empathy and giving appropriate help and response through role play.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Standard Course
Equip Peer Counselors with basic knowledge and skills to provide initial support to people with mental health problems and crisis.
(Throughout the year)
Monthly Regular Meetings
Enhance psychological health knowledge, facilitate personal development and stregthen cohesion among Peer Counselors. (Throughout the year)
Workshops & Seminars on Health Related Topics
Invite professionals, including doctors, psychologists, counselors and other speakers to enhance Peer Counselors' psychological health awareness. (Throughout the year)
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