Healthy Living Festival 2010-2011 (Fall Term)

adjective (happier, happiest)
...feeling or showing pleasure or contentment...
(excerpted from

We all desire to be happy in some sense.

What makes you happy? Excellent academic results? Winning Mark Six? A desirable job offer? Harmonious interpersonal relationships? A life with minimal adversity? Is happiness a transient feeling or a psychological state? How can we make ourselves happier? In the series of Something About Happiness, let’s explore these issues together and develop perspectives and skills that promote happiness.

Date Speaker Event Name (Click on event name to view video)
25 Nov 2010 林桂霞女士 (善終服務義工)
李松慶先生 (贈粥的食肆老闆)
蘇金妹女士 (輪椅上的天使)
感動香港人物分享會 (廣東話)
24 Nov 2010 Ms. Sindy YIP (Clinical Psychologist,
HKUST Student Affairs Office)
葉盈芝小姐 (香港科技大學學生事務處臨床心理學家)
珍愛自己工作坊 (廣東話)
23 Nov 2010 Dr. Albert KO Wing-yin (HKU) 救援工程帥 - 送爰到世界 (廣東話)
22 Nov 2010 Ms. Silver CHAN (Clinical Psychologist,
HKUST Student Affairs Office)
陳彩銀小姐 (香港科技大學學生事務處臨床心理學家)
Self-Love Workshop (English)
18 Nov 2010 莊倩怡姑娘及林詠雯姑娘 東華三院芷若園 親密的背後 - 建立健康男女關係工作坊 (廣東話)
18 Nov 2010 Ms. Vava KWOK
(Student Counselor, HKUST Student Affairs Office)
郭麗娟小姐 (香港科技大學學生事務處學生輔導員)
珍愛自己工作坊 (普通話)
15 Nov 2010 Ms. WONG Lai Cheung 因不了解而戀愛、因了解而分手 (廣東話)
12 Aug 2010 Dr. Lung-Kit HUI & Mr. Ka-Sing LAU Psychiatric Outreach Experience Sharing (English)
9 Aug 2010 Ms. Christina Ming-Yan WONG 世界沒有不可能 (廣東話)