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Personal Counseling Service

Our counselors are here to listen, understand, and support. No problem is too small or trivial. We will help you identify and focus on your strengths to create a healthy difference. Please be reassured that all sharing and discussion during counseling sessions will be treated in strict confidence.

"To share, to care and to grow."

Ms Clare CHAN
Student Counselor
Mr Eric CHAN
Student Counselor
Miss Silver CHAN
Associate Director (Counseling & Wellness)
Ms Josephine HUI
Student Counselor
Ms Vava KWOK
Student Counselor
Mr Chris LEUNG
Student Counselor
Ms April LIAO
Student Counselor **
Ms Fanny YIP
Student Counselor

** April is a native Putonghua-speaking Counselor. Students who speak in Putonghua are advised to make an appointment with her.

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Services for Students with Special Educational Needs

We are committed to providing psychological and emotional support to students with disabilities / Special Educational Needs.

For more specific details on resources, support and services on campus, please visit

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