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Our Mission
The Counseling and Wellness Center of Student Affairs Office strives to assist students who are facing challenges and difficulties in life.  By providing personal counseling service and organizing developmental group programs, we foster students’ self-understanding, personal growth and all-rounded development in emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual aspects of life. 

Personal Counseling Service

Students are welcome to meet with a Student Counselor to discuss his or her personal concerns, which will be handled in strict confidence.  With professional guidance and advice, Counselors help students discover their personal strengths and potentials, approach problems constructively, learn to make favorable adjustments and develop adaptive coping strategies for the situation at hand.  With empathetic and genuine support, Counselors are here to connect and walk with students along the way.  

Some common issues you may consider to seek counseling:

Adjustment to a new environment
Emotional distress
Grief and loss
Interpersonal relationship
Mental health issues (e.g., eating disorder, bipolar disorder, etc.)
Personal growth
Sexual orientation
Sleep problems
Stress management
Study skills or unsatisfactory academic progress
Trauma and abuse

Psychological Assessment
Counseling and Wellness Center provides psychological assessments, through which students can enhance their self-understanding.  Students can make an online appointment with our Student Counselors to discuss their concerns so that appropriate psychological assessment can be administered.
Service for Students with Special Needs
We are committed to making every effort to provide appropriate accommodations to students with disabilities or special educational needs.  Our Advisor to Students with Special Needs coordinates with academic schools, departments and also various offices and units in the University, such as Health Center, Student Housing & Residential Life Office, and Facilities Management Office, to render assistance in supporting the learning and campus life of students with special needs.
Crisis Prevention and Intervention
Proactive assistance is rendered in collaboration with Departments and Offices of the University in handling potentially critical situations. Counselors also provide consultation on pre and post management of crisis including Critical Incident Stress Debriefing to students and staff.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
Our Student Counselors regularly organize the 12-hour MHFA standard certificate course to students and staff.  Participants are trained to provide appropriate initial support for peers, family members or colleagues with mental health problems or under mental health crisis.

Healthy Living Festival
Healthy Living Festival aims at enhancing students' and staff's psychological health awareness on campus.  In the Festivals, a variety of activities and events including exhibition, sharing sessions, workshops, book sales and educational booths will be organized. By raising the awareness of psychological health among us, we shall continue to have a healthy, supportive and empathetic learning environment.

Peer Counselor Training Program
Peer Counselors are a group of students who are trained by Student Counselors to promote a caring spirit among students on campus.  After training, peer counselors can:
Acquire basic counseling and helping skills and also knowledge of mental health.
Enhance their emotional management skills and interpersonal communication skills.
Help promoting mental health awareness on campus through organizing series of activities and programs.
Offer care and support to students in need.

Self-enrichment Workshops and Training
A series of workshops and programs are organized throughout the year to develop various competence and abilities among our students and staff.  Topics include:

Communication and basic helping skills     

Emotional and stress management
Goal setting
Interpersonal relationship building and social skills
Mindfulness and relaxation
Strategies to cope with adversities
Time management
"May everyone be happy and safe and may their hearts be filled with joy. May all living beings live in security and peace. May all of them dwell in perfect tranquility."
(Thich Nhat Hanh, 1997)


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