Helping New Students Integrating into University Life


University life is a time of growth and development, as well as a time of challenge! It is our pleasure to be your company to learn, to explore and to flourish together in your time at HKUST.  Our counseling team sincerely walks you through our programs so that you can be better-equipped for your university life.  The beginning is very important for all new students in understanding and knowing how to adjust to the new environment in order to pursue an enjoyable and fun university life.

New Student Orientation
New Student Orientation sessions are organized for all students new to our campus, including local, mainland and international undergraduates, research postgraduates (RPGs), taught postgraduates (TPGs) - introducing counseling services to students, giving them ideas about how fruitful their university life could be, providing them solutions to the challenges they may face, as well as building a platform to make new friends.

You may read this booklet "AdjUST Well" to get more insights and useful tips.
You can also have a glance at 樂活在科大 (in Simplied Chinese only) where you will find the happy times in studying at HKUST!

During the Orientation, international and mainland students are encouraged to complete a College Life Adjustment Assessment. Individualized debriefing sessions will be held for students to better equip themselves with self-management knowledge on adjustment.


Local Students
Research and Taught Postgraduates
(RPgs and TPgs)

Non-local Students

Assessment Debriefing
A Series of Psychological Orientation Workshops for All Students

"How do you feel about being a university student?"
"What does it mean to you?"
"What do you want to accomplish in the coming few years?"
"What will you do to foster your intellectual and personal growth?

A series of workshops were conducted in aiding students getting psychological preparation, adjusting themselves to new university life as well as maintaining a healthy balanced life, including topics on friendship, learning styles, happiness, goal-setting and peer counseling.

Psychology of Building Friendship and Charisma
This workshop is to increase students’ self-understanding and equip them with skills to build new friendship and improve confidence. It aims at enhancing students’ understanding of their personality and how personality could affect their interpersonal relationships.  Focus would be placed on learning practical skills in enhancing confidence, interpersonal communication and friendship-building.
Psychology of Finding Your Way
What changes on yourself YOU would like to make in university study?

This workshop is to understand the importance and skills of goal-setting and self-management for university life. It will help you to explore yourself, define your own personal objectives and evaluate the extent to which they meet your personal goals.  This is a good opportunity to understand and maximize your potential in attaining your future life direction!  
Psychology of Happiness
This workshop is to provide you with basic understanding of positive psychology and how it supports you for healthy lifestyle and well-being.

Positive psychology has shed light on ongoing insights into personality, mood and cognition. Research and expert agree that we all can learn how to bring more meaning and satisfaction into our lives, so as to feel happier!
Psychology of i-Learning
This workshop is to prepare students psychologically for transition of academic adjustment in the University.

Students at HKUST are known for a high standard of academic excellence and desire to learn.  University life encourages you to realize learning aspiration and maximize your potential in attaining goals.  Let’s learn how to have better academic adjustment, understand your motivation to strive for excellence, and establish goals for self-development so as to give yourself the best start possible!
A Network of Kindness and Love
"When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace."
- The Dalai Lama

Everyone likes to be treated with kindness and love. Kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smiles, kindness in your acts, can bring happiness in others and peace in yourself. It will make the world a better place. In this workshop, you can learn some basic tips on showing kindness and spreading sunshine to your loved ones or people around you. You will also know more about the "Happy Living - Peer Counselor Training Program", a program that facilitates you to start off being a person with love and kindness, and make a gentle difference to the world.

Sharing from HKUST UG Students

In order to let you have a more vivid understanding of the life of our current UG students, some students are very pleased to share with you in person.  You may view from here, which can help you to pursue an enjoyable university life. You'll be amazed!
Exhibitions on Campus
Exhibitions are held around campus in welcoming students as well as assisting them to get familiarize with the new environment. We provide Counseling and Wellness Leaflets, "AdjUST Well" magazine, Mainland students’ handbook, a wallet-sized quick guide, HKUST campus’ map and the path advisor lift map, etc. In addition, Peer Counselors and members of MSSS (Mainland Students and Scholars Society) have helped out in giving hands to the new postgraduates to get around HKUST.  We are glad many students have come to us for advice and carry smiling faces in return.

University life is where students can find their dreams! 
We will walk with them and guide them in making their dreams come true!