Healthy Living Festival 2014-2015 (Spring Term)

Date Speaker Event Name (Click on the event name to view the vedio)
19 Mar 2015 (Thu) Mr. Alex Lam 林德信先生
(Artist/Yoga Instructor)
Rejuvenate with Alex
31 Mar 2015 (Tue) 常霖法師 攝影襌
(Zen of Photography)
14 Apr 2015 (Tue) 伍晶小姐
(Recharge Well - A Heartfelt Sharing from HKUST Graduate)
21 Apr 2015 (Tue) Ms. Natalie Lui
(Laughter Yoga Instructor from YOGAMATE)
Laughing for Managing Stress
24 Apr 2015 (Fri) Mr. Wong Chi Wing
(Registered dietitian,
Head of Food & Dietetic Department of Hong Kong Adventist Hospital)
Comfort Food - Boosting up
your Mood from Healthy Diet
29 Apr 2015 (Wed) 黃漢發中醫師
(註冊中醫師, 香港理工大學駐診中醫師)
「養身、養心」 - 從中醫看情緒與睡眠
Sleep Hygiene - from Chinese Medicine Perspective
8 May 2015 (Fri) Ms. Janet Lau
(Registered Yoga Instructor,
Author of
"Living with Yoga and Mindfulness”)
“Calming the Body,Calming the Mind”
- Mindfulness Yoga
Date Speaker Registration

1 Apr 2015 (Wed)
8 Apr 2015 (Wed)
15 Apr 2015 (Wed)
22 Apr 2015 (Wed)

Ms. Vava Kwok
(Student Counselor,
Student Affairs Office)

Mindfulness Meditation -
Being Grateful in the Present Moment


"Take a Break"
- Educational Booth on Achieving Study-life Balance

Comfort Food Day - Enjoy good mood from your meal

** HLTH1010 Course students will attain 1.5 hours in "Wellness and Personal Enrichment Events" of the "Activities" module upon completion of the event.
# HLTH1010 Course students will attain 2 hours in "Wellness and Personal Enrichment Events" of the "Activities" module upon completion of all four sessions.

Participants MUST bring along the student ID card when attending the event and take BOTH entry and exit attendance to record your participation. To avoid interruption and hindering the progress of the talk, please arrive the venue 10 minutes before the session starting time. The Speaker may turn away students who are late for more than 5 minutes.