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International Women's Day Special Screening: She Objects 她非它

International Women's Day Special Screening - She Objects


Screening (Cantonese with English subtitles)

Panel discussion and Q&A (Language: Chinese & English)

Why does sex ‘sell’?

How does consumerism render the female body a commodity? 

How serious is this problem nowadays?

What impact do ads featuring super skinny models have on women and girls? 

Are men subject to similar pressures to conform?

How do gender stereotypes affect our perception of men and women’s capabilities?


About the Documentary - She Objects by Nicola Fan         
Trailer: click here

Commissioned by The Women’s Foundation, in partnership with Women Helping Women, and directed by rising young talent, 27-year old Nicola Fan, She Objects is the first documentary of its kind in Hong Kong to explore how traditional and new forms of media create and exacerbate gender stereotypes with often damaging consequences.

At once provocative and inspiring, She Objects challenges viewers to think critically about and resist the biased and often dehumanising portrayal of women in media. The film explores the impact of this on Hong Kong society and breaks new ground in bridging local, regional and global research and trends. Featuring engaging insights from celebrities including singer-writer-actress Joyce Cheng and real-life stories and interviews with leading experts, the documentary explores the correlation between the media’s portrayal of women and eating disorders and self-esteem issues for girls, violence against women and girls, and the erosion of female ambition, and how social media and the selfie culture are contributing to the phenomenon.

The film’s call to action is for all of us – from governments to the media to brands to individuals – to be more thoughtful about this issue and to take action to object. Individuals in particular can stop being passive consumers and instead use social media and other platforms to bring about real and positive change.


- Ms Rita Ching, Deputy CEO, The Women's Foundation Hong Kong (TWFHK); Associate Producer, She Objects

From the Division of Social Science, HKUST:

- Prof. Kellee Tsai, Head & Chair Professor

- Prof. Julian Groves, Associate Professor of Social Science Education

- Prof. Sujata BALASUBRAMANIAN, Research Assistant Professor

Date:8 Mar 2017
Time: 7:15-9:15 pm
Venue:Padma and Hari Harilela Lecture Theater (LT-C)
Language:Chinese & English

HLTH1010 | 1-2 hours
*Wellness & Personal Enrichment Event

1. For getting HLTH1010 hours, students need to arrive before the beginning of the screening to take attendance by showing student ID card.

2. If students attend the whole screening, 1 hour of HLTH1010 will be recorded.

3. If students attend the whole screening and panel discussion,  2 hours of HLTH1010 will be recorded.

4.  No hour will be recorded if students are late for the screening, even attending the whole panel discussion.

Free admission | First-come, first-served

For HKUST members only

No admission under the age of 6

Presented by the HKUST Center for the Arts
with the kind support of WFA and SHSS