Program Committee of CFA

The CFA Program Committee is formed by faculty and staff members, students and professionals. The Committee helps to direct, plan and review CFA activities with the purpose of achieving its mission and fulfilling its tasks. We are grateful to the support and contribution by the following Program Committee members:

Name Organization
Prof King Chow Office of the Provost, HKUST
  "Arts and Sciences seem to belong to two different worlds. Education brings about the awakening moment and guides us to recognize them as simply branches from the same tree with its roots deeply planted in our hearts and souls. Collectively, they help us develop a clear direction of our own purposes as human beings alive."
Prof Flora Fu Division of Humanities, HKUST
  "Since art does not exist in nature, it must be learned, like every other civilized activity and habit of thought. Learning to see is a matter of habit, but learning to understand-and love-what we are looking at requires education." Brigitte Govignon.
Dr Anna Kwong Division of Humanities, HKUST
  "I hope, through organizing various types of exhibitions and performances from different countries of the world, an art-loving environment will be created and the art appreciation ability of the students can be elevated"
Dr Tony Lam Scholarships and Financial Aid Office, HKUST
  "While we feed our intellectual mind with knowledge, we should nurture our heart and soul with art and culture. The programs carefully selected by Center for the Arts are here to help us become humanistic individuals, and to remind us that everyone is special and talented in his very unique way."
Mr Thomas Ng Publishing Technology Center, HKUST
  "Art is about creativity, expression, appreciation and sharing. These are valuable qualities in enriching learning experiences in our University"
Mr Andrew Nowak Hong Kong Chamber Orchestra
  "Culture and creativity go hand in hand. We all have the talent to create. Exploring your creativity develops our culture. Explore with the CFA."