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Serving others with your heart enriches your spiritual health. You are encouraged to serve as volunteers in campus activities and community service projects.

The aims of the Community or Voluntary Work activities are:

1. to enable the contribution of abilities, time, knowledge and experience by the students in serving the community and achieving beneficial impact on the needy;
2. to direct students' care and concern for the needy through a variety of volunteer services, thereby fostering a spirit of social responsibility and support;
3. to promote a better understanding of social issues and people's livelihood among the students;
4. to enhance communication among the students for enriching their interpersonal relationships and network of affiliations.

Up to 14 hours (maximum of 4 hours per attempt and 8 hours per day) of your volunteer work endorsed by HLTH1010 Course Office can be counted towards the course hours in the Healthy Lifestyle Course.

*Please be reminded that only the actual service hours will be counted towards the HLTH1010 course hours.

Types of Community or Voluntary Work activities that are recognized by the HLTH1010 Course:
1. All volunteer services organized by HLTH1010 Course Office
  - on campus or in the community
  - examples: Intramural Sports Competitions, Community Service Learning Program, and official university events
2. Voluntary Work activities organized by student groups AND endorsed by HLTH1010 Course Office
  - event organizer must obtain prior endorsement by HLTH1010 Course Advisor before promoting the event

please submit an application form to the HLTH1010 Course Office for endorsement at least 20 working days before the commencement of the event. Late applications will NOT be processed.


For updating your HLTH1010 course hours after completing the voluntary service, please submit the event report with prescribed attendance record form to the HLTH1010 Course Office (Room 1013) within 7 working days upon completion of the service.


Students who wish to join the endorsed Community or Voluntary Work should contact the event organizer for details. Please click here for the list of endorsed events.

Students may contact the Course Office at tel: 2358-8586 or email: if you have questions or need assistance. The Course Office is located in Room 1013.


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