Dear HLTH1010 Course students,

The “Sports Skill Class” module is one of the core requirements of the HLTH1010 course. You MUST complete at least ONE sports skill class, preferably in the Fall Term.

The class schedule and descriptions of the sports skill classes in this Fall Term are available at
the sports skill class web page now:

Please click the "Class Schedule Enquiry" to check the class schedule.
You can select up to a max. of 10 choices in order of preference. Please be advised to SELECT only those CLASSES that FIT YOUR TIMETABLE.

The online application for the Fall-term Sports Skill Class
will take place on 14 & 15 Sept. 2017. You can click here to access the registration page on 14 and 15 Sept. 2017 by taking the following steps:

a. Click "Healthy Lifestyle Course" under "My Studies" in the "Home" tab of myPortal

b. Choose "Apply for Skill Classes"

You are recommended to fill in as many choices (up to a max. of 10 choices) that you are available to attend in order of preference.

The application will be processed in the order of random number assigned by computerized system on 18 Sept. 2017. All the selected choices will be considered for each applicant.

Results of the online application will be announced at 2pm on Monday, 18 Sept. 2017. Students will be allocated a maximum of ONE class through the online application. You can check the “Confirmed Enrollment” at the "Healthy Lifestyle Course" application and progress tracking system. Please click here and take the following steps to check the result:

a. Click "Healthy Lifestyle Course" under "My Studies" in the "Home" tab of myPortal
b. Choose "Confirmed Enrollment"

Students who DO NOT get a class OR students who wish to make a change in the allocated class are required to make IN-PERSON Registration on 20 Sept. 2017 from 8:45am to 4pm at LG3002. The in-person registration for the vacant places will be handled on a first-come-first-served basis. All full-time students will be allowed to make IN-PERSON Registration on 21 Sept. 2017 if vacancies are still available.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at 2358 8586 or email

Course Coordinator